Maximize the capabilities of your business by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve your processes and secure your information assets. To equip your business for the digital age, you need a partner who knows the local business environment but has global expertise in systems integration. In the Visayas and Mindanao regions, CEBNET Technologies is the partner you can trust in building and securing your enterprise network.


CEBNET is the SI that you can trust to help secure the future of your business with the right enterprise network assets

Information technology has created a digitally connected world ripe with global opportunities for local business. But navigating this world can be a challenge, especially for small and medium enterprises. In the Philippines, it can be even more of a challenge for businesses outside Metro Manila.



To be the leading provider of enterprise network consulting services in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.


To help our client companies grow by providing them top-notch, cost-effective and customer-focused systems integration and network security services.


In a digitally connected world of quick-profit opportunities and fleeting alliances, our company understands that it has become even more important to be an organization that nurtures relationships by being worthy of trust. That is why we go back to the classic values of business while combining them with new values that give us an advantage in the information age.


C - Customer Focused

We don’t give you off-the-shelf products that may or may not be a good fit for you.

  • We strive to understand your needs, and we address those needs with focus-oriented systems integration.

N - Nimble

One of the greatest challenges in business today is how fast technologies evolve.

  • Businesses and their network systems need to be able to keep pace with these changes. We pride ourselves in our digital agility. We focus on adapting to digital change so you can focus on your business.

E - Excellent

Information technology is a science, but in the context of business, it is an art.

  • We bring to bear all our knowledge, skill and expertise to be able to create and secure a system that is just right for your business.

E - Effective

Ultimately, it’s not about the technology; it’s how you use it.

  • This is the reason why our consultants value both IT and industry expertise. We understand that the only true test of our value as your partner is how effective we are in enabling your success.

B - Borderless

It is said that even as we act locally, we have to think globally.

  • We agree. And this is why we provide the best network assets that the world can offer to our clients, integrating them into a system optimized for effectiveness in the context of the local business ecosystem.

T - Trustworthy

Us here in CEBNET understand that it’s all about trust.

  • Our clients trust us to empower their businesses, and our business is to secure and deserve that trust.


Focus-Oriented Systems Integration

Tell us about your business, and we will help you build your network from the ground up – the right way. Or if you need to re-engineer your current system to optimize your processes and create better synergies, we can help you with that, too. We know our business when it comes to integrating all the best IT hardware and software assets toward achieving your business goals. From routers and switches to advanced systems integration, CEBNET is the partner you can trust.

Network Security

Our digitally connected world is ripe with both opportunities and challenges. Your business is to equip yourself to take advantage of the opportunities. Our business is to secure your network from digital and other types of vulnerabilities. CEBNET’s consultants have years of expertise in corporate IT consulting. We have the expertise to prevent, identify and mitigate data breaches. Focus on growing your business and trust in CEBNET to guard your back and make sure your network is secure.


Network and Security

- Routing and Switching
- Network Security
- Telephony Solutions
- Wireless Connectivity
- Other Network Devices


- Servers
- Storage
- Desktops
- Laptops / Notebooks
- Thin Clients
- Computing Accessories

Auxiliary Systems

- Access Control
- Fire Alarm and Intrusion
- Public Address
- CCTV and IP Surveillance
- Building Management
- Structured Cabling


- Resource Tracking and Management
- Property Management
- App Development
- OS Licenses
- Other Software Licenses

IT Services

- Consultancy
- Design and Engineering
- Maintenance and Support
- Managed Services



Raynan Panes

Lead Consultant

A licensed electronics engineer and has two decades of experience in IT and business development. He has worked for leading IT and network security companies, and now intends to invest his considerable technical expertise and business acumen to serve CEBNET’s clients.

Jose Jemson Lape

Lead Consultant

A multi-certified personality who has experienced in working from different leading IT companies. With more than 15 years working in the IT Industry and engaged different customers from different sectors, he is now willing to share his expertised by providing the customers the right technology for their business

"Your business deserves the best - and our IT consultants are among the best in the business of focus-oriented systems integration and network security, especially in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll be more than happy to help you maximize your company’s full potential."



Your Trust, We Secure.

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